5 Reasons to Schedule a Lawn Mower Service Early in the Year


Lawn mowers, like everything else wear out over time. It’s important to go through regular maintenance checks with your lawn mower to maximize its lifespan and its efficiency. This year with what seems like an early spring, it is going to be even more important to make sure you’ve got all your lawn mower’s ducks in a row. The best time, by far, to do this is before the mowing season actually begins. With that time rapidly approaching, now is the time. I have devised a list of 5 reasons why it’s best to schedule your appointment now rather than wait for something to break when the season actually arrives. Check it out!

 Catch Problems Before they’re Problems

As trained professionals, we’re able to catch issues with your lawn mower that you might have missed, or even forgotten about since last year. Getting your mower out, started and to professionals like us can nip some major issues before they get costly or before your mower stops working in the middle of the growing season.

No Wait

By scheduling your appointment early in the season, you’re skipping out when most people bring their mowers in, usually when there is a problem, which is always in the middle of the season. Wait times can jump to 3-4 weeks in the busy season. Scheduling ahead of the season lets you skip that wait.

Better Life Expectancy for your Mower

Suppose you’ve spent a couple thousand dollars (or more) on a lawn mower, don’t you want to maximize your investment? Regular maintenance by professionals is the best way to take care of your equipment. Preventative maintenance is a huge part of that as well. It’s not uncommon to see a lawn mower live way past its life expectancy when it’s taken care of.

Skip Lines in the Summer

In our shop if you have your machine worked on in the beginning of the year and you have an issue later, even not related to your previous service, you move to front of the line. You had the foresight to bring your mower in early and we reward that.

Ready for Green Spring

Last year we had a wet spring/ summer and it was hard on all of our machines. So far, this winter is looking like we’re going to have another wet and early spring. The grass is going to start growing quickly and having your lawn mower ready to go is the only way to keep up!

It doesn’t matter what you mow your lawn with, it’s going to wear down and need maintenance. I’ve just listed out the 5 main reasons it’s important to schedule a lawn mower service with a professional early in the season. If you want to schedule an appointment call us today. We can pick up, fix it and have it back to you in no time, and you’ll be ready for the heavy spring to come!