Why 2016 is the year to Purchase a Dixie Chopper Zero Turn

If you’re like most people you’ve either mown with or heard about Dixie Chopper. For us, they are the local manufacturer so just about everyone around us knows who they are.  For those of you not associated with the company I’ve made a list of 6 main reasons (there are many more than that) why 2016 is the year you should pull the trigger on a new or used Dixie Chopper zero turn!


1.     Great New Products

Dixie Chopper has been around for a while and they are usually known for being on the cutting edge of technology. In 2016 they’re launching some new units and features, including stand on, walk behinds and even newer models of their classic mowers. They are setting the bar in the lawn mower industry.

2.     Amazing Prices

Everything is priced to sell at the moment whether you want to take advantage of their 0% financing or just get a heck of a cash deal, they’re making offers that are hard to pass up this year.

3.     Wide Array of Used Equipment

One of the biggest advantages of Dixie Chopper being as old as it is that there are a lot of used pieces of equipment available. Here at Humphreys, we actually have a full inventory of marked down equipment that, for the majority, has an average of less than 20 hours. That is new equipment at used prices. Used units are great for people just getting started mowing a large property or even for those who want to mow a small property faster.

4.     Parts Availability

Machines break down over time. It doesn’t matter what color they are or what stickers they have on them. However that color, those stickers and where you purchase the machine does matter when it comes to fixing the machine. Dixie Chopper has their parts game on point and most dealers like us have a fully stocked inventory. That means when something does break, we can get it fixed in a hurry!

5.     Save Mowing Time

For most people mowing is a chore, it isn’t enjoyable, at least not if you’re doing it for hours on end. With the speed of a Dixie Chopper you can cut your mowing time down drastically. If you’re using a standard riding lawn mower you can easily cut your time down by half or more. This gives you more time to spend with your family or doing stuff you actually want to do with your time off.

6.     You Know You’ve Always Wanted One

It’s the world’s fastest lawn mower…. What more do you need? Treat yourself in 2016!


We’re pumped about Dixie Chopper in 2016 and we hope you are too. If you want to check out huge selection of new or used Dixies click on the link, give us a call or stop by the shop any time