What You NEED in a Lawn Mower in 2016


Here in Indiana, 2015 was rough on lawn mowers. With 2016 already shaping up to have an early spring, its looking like 2016 might be as rough or worse. With that said, we here at Humphreys Outdoor Power have compiled a list of features you need to have on your lawn mower to get through what is promising to be a tough mowing year.

Zero Turn

If you’re not on board by now, you should be. We’ve got Dixie Choppers that cut your mowing time in half and Kubotas that can cling to a hillside. We’re likely going to have to mow close to 2xs a week, you will want to optimize your time so you’re not spending all of your spare time in a lawn mower seat.

Heavy Duty Deck

If the weather is as wet as it was last year, and it's shaping up to be, you’re going to want a deck that won't rust through just because you put it up wet a couple times. Most Fabricated or welded decks are tough enough to handle this.

Deep Deck

The depth of the deck creates more suction which can pull up grass that has been matted down. A deeper deck also allows better air flow which allows you to dispel heavy wet grass easier than  a shallow deck

Heavy Duty Spindles

Again, this is all about keeping moisture out. You want spindle that you can grease regularly to keep the moisture from getting to your bearings on your deck. Not to mention, you need something that can stand up to potentially more than one mow job per week.

Heavy Duty Engine

Given the amount of mowing that we did last year and the amount of mowing we’re likely to do this year, you’re going to want an engine that you can depend on. It’s not unlikely that you’ll be putting close to a third more hours on it that you have in previous years. Right now, the industry has moved to the Kawasaki FX Engine and it’s looking like a real winner. Kubota and Dixie Chopper both are using this engine with great success.

Suspension Seat

Operator comfort cannot be overlooked. Especially when you’re looking at potentially spending a third to twice as much time in the seat.  You need to make sure the mower fits you and that it's comfortable.

Supportive Dealership

In Indiana we’ve never seen the kind of grass we saw last year and are poised to see again this year. That much mowing reeks havoc on your lawn mower and things are going to break. You can mitigate that by purchasing a great brand like Dixie Chopper or Kubota, but the best ace to have up your sleeve is a great dealer who knows how to fix your issues in a timely manner, and who keeps parts in stock. Now more than ever, it’s imperative to have professional help with your lawn mower.


2016 is poised to be a heavy mowing year in Indiana just like 2015. Unlike 2015, the 2016 mowing year seems to be starting earlier which means even more mowing. The list above is comprised of the features your lawn mower should have along with dealership support to help you get through the year with a yard you can be proud of. If you have any questions about any of these features, want to look at a lawn mower that has them orjust want toshoot the breeze, shoot us an email, call, or stop by today!