Mid-Season Tune Up- 3 Things to Check to get Your Mower Through the Summer

The best way to describe this year’s spring, WET!  It’s an understatement to say that this wet season has made mowing a challenge, and a well-groomed yard next to impossible.  I’m sure that on several occasions you were mowing in less than desirable conditions. The grass was too long and too wet to mow but you had to make do with the time you had. All of these rough conditions have taken a toll on your mower and it’s time to take a few minutes and make these three important tune ups to keep your mower mowing and to reclaim your yard!

Sharpen Your Blades

Your blades have taken a beating in these wet conditions and are probably dull by now if you haven’t taken the time to sharpen them since you started mowing early in the spring. Nothing dulls the edge of your blades like water. Now that the grass is starting to dry and the rains are slowing down, you can reclaim your yard with a set of sharpened blades.

Check Your Belts

The heavy, wet grass has most likely also caused some belt slippage on your unit. Once a belt slips, it doesn’t ever grip the pulley properly and will continue to slip. While you’re there make sure they haven’t torn or cracked after the heavy use. If look worn, going ahead and replacing them will make sure that your blades are spinning at their top speed!

Check your Bearings

Water is terrible for bearings. You need to make sure to run your grease gun across your entire mower to make you your bearings stay in good health.

Running through these three simple tips can put you in a perfect position to reclaim your lawn and give you the Augusta look you’ve been looking for! If you have any questions about these tips or need any replacement belts, blades or bearings give us a ring or shoot us an email and we’ll get you taken care of!