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How to Remove the Backhoe on the Kubota BX23s

How to Take the Loader off of a BX80 Series Tractor

How to Reset the Oil Change Meter on your Kubota Grand L

The Importance of Cleaning Out Your Mower Deck

The Stihl Kombi KB-KM Bristle Attachment

Land Pride Grader Scraper: The Driveway Tool

Learn what a Land Pride Grader Scraper is and what makes it the best best driveway tool on the market. 

Land Pride Grader Scraper: The Driveway Tool Vol 2

Watch us clean up some washed out placed in our driveway using only a Land Pride Grader Scraper and the smallest tractor Kubota makes. 

Land Pride Quick Attach 

In this video Brian Humphreys owner of Humphreys' Outdoor Power, shows how easy it is to attach to Land Pride Implements with the Land Pride Quick Attach Unit. For more information check out

Kubota Skid Steer Quick Attach

See just how easy it is to switch implements with the Kubota Skid Steer Quick Attach system.

How to Remove and Reattach a BX Series Loader

Kubota to the Rescue

Watch what happens when a semi gets stuck at our shop trying to unload. 

Ethanol Delimas

Humphreys' Outdoor Power owner Brian Humphreys uses his 28 years of experience to explain how ethanol in your gas is tearing up your two cycle engine and what you can do to keep it from happing!

How To Store your Stihl Power Gas Powered Equipment

The STIHL How To Series gives you tips and general advice on how to operate and maintain your STIHL power tools. If you don't plan on using your gas powered tools for an extended period of time (generally three months or longer), STIHL gives you tips on how to properly store them.

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