How to use a Cricket Golf Cart for the Ultimate Memorial Day Weekend Experience

You’ve driven by, you’ve seen them, and if you haven’t, you need to. I’m talking about the new Cricket golf cart down here at Humphreys. These little machines are perfect for swap meets, grill-outs or just going to go get the mail. In the spirit of upcoming memorial day, we’re going to show you just a few of the ways these little golf carts can steal the show this memorial day weekend, no matter what you’re doing!

Soda Cart (Wink)

With a rear storage compartment big enough for just about any cooler, you could turn your cricket golf cart into a portable soda dispenser. Impress your guests by delivering right to their chair! This can be done around the fire pit, on the patio or at the race!(Please don’t drink and drive)

Food Cart

Think soda cart only with solids instead of liquids. We all know you’re a master chef, now share your talents with the world, or at least the parking lot at the racetrack!

Parking Cart

So you’ve got your prime spot staked out for the big race, but you’re brother and his new fiancé are a little late and parking is a premium. No worries. Have them send you a drop pin at their location around the track or surrounding neighborhoods and go pick them up. With the rear seat on the Cricket golf cart there is room for at least 3 people.

Touring the facilities

We’re not exactly sure what the rules on golf carts are in the Speedway, but there is plenty to see outside in the parking lot. Use this your Cricket to take in all the sites and sounds, or escape from a sight or sound, or just to find to the closest porto pottie.

Cricket Racing

Not going to the race but want the thrill and excitement of the track? Set up your own course get two Crickets and see which person is the better driver. At 13 mph these things can move! This can be a great way to keep people entertained at your bbq.

Show up in style

Maybe your neighbors are throwing a big to do for the long weekend. Show up in style cooler in tow on the mini golf cart. You’ll be the talk of the party!

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how you can use your cricket golf cart this memorial day weekend. If you have any other ideas leave a comment, you don’t want to leave any fellow cricket riders hanging! For more information on the cricket, check out our Cricket Golf Cart page or contact us today