How to Get Rid of Dandelions

As much fun as they are as a kid, dandelions are no good for your yard!

This year the dandelions have been bad, you can see that just driving around town. In this post we’re going to teach you why you should get rid of these pesky weeds and how to do it. Keep reading to figure out why and how to be a lion tamer.

Why Dandelions and Clover are bad.

Remember when you were a kid and you loved blowing dandelion seeds over your yard? Or those times you rubbed their yellow flowers on your skin for a temporary tattoo? Good times right? Well now you’re an adult with a yard, and these weeds are wreaking havoc on your yard and your lawn mower. Dandelions and clover are weeds, this means that they’re sucking resources away from your healthy grass. On top of being an eye sore, acne on the face of your yard, these weeds are especially hard on your lawn mower. Broad leave weeds like dandelion and clover dull blades more quickly than grass and clump up more under your mowing deck. This affects the quality of your cut, the look of your yard and the overall health of your lawn mower.

How to tame Dandelions.

The good news about broad leaf weeds is that they’re fairly easy to kill, without hurting the rest of your yard. With a simple pull behind sprayer you can easily apply a treatment that will wipe them out, for the season anyway. You need to go to your local farm shop (Butlers LP or Midland Co-op if you live in Putnam County Indiana) and ask for Trimec or a generic equivalent. Mix as directed by the label and apply once in the spring and once in the fall. Now you want to  apply this at a relatively dry time. You want to make sure that you’ve got at least 48 hrs without rain after you apply the treatment as water will dilute the Trimec. For best results you’ll also want to try to apply it when it’s very sunny, but not drought conditions. Basically you want prime growing conditions so that the weeds soak this stuff up. Its also best to mow before you apply the treatment.

At the end of the day, it isn’t that hard to maintain a dandelion and clover free yard. Getting rid of these weeds will make your yard look better and keep your lawn mower going for years. Once you get that perfect lawn you’re going to need something to cut it with. Feel free to check out our new line of Kubota Zero Turn lawn for a perfect cut!