The Winter Checklist for your Kubota Tractor

Winter is well on its way and if the recent rain is any indication of how much snow we’re going to get, we better start getting ready now. With predictions ranging from bad to worse than last year, you can’t be too prepared! Below is a checklist of everything you need, or at least everything we recommend you have at your disposal for your Kubota tractor when the white stuff starts falling.

For Your Kubota Tractor:

Fuel Treatment

 Go ahead and start treating your fuel now with a product like Winter Power to prevent gelling. If you’re planning on using your tractor a lot, you may want to have some extra on hand.

Fuel Filter

Make sure to have a couple extra fuel filters in case your Kubota Diesel engine gels.

Glow Plugs

You may not need new glow plugs, but at least make sure they’re functional.

Check Tire Pressure

Cold weather claims a lot of tractor tires in the winter. Make sure your pressure is up and continue to check it throughout the season.

Check Your Battery

Winter is not the time to find out your battery is dying. Make sure yours is still charging like it should.

Storage Plan

You need to make sure you’re storing your Kubota tractor under a roof and out of the weather, ideally in a place you can get to it if you need to dig yourself out of property.

Right Equipment

Make sure your Kubota is equipped with the right equipment to tackle your winter needs. You may not need it all but make sure you have what you need:

  • Fluid (Rim Guard or something with a very low freezing point) or weights.
  • Aggressive tires- we recommend Ag Tires for snow.
  • Cab with heater (or warm clothes)
  • Snow Blade (Reverse or Front mount)
  • Salt Spreader
  • Strobe light (so that other drivers see you)
  • Block Heater

The only thing we know for sure about Indiana weather is that we can’t predict it but we can be ready for anything. Kubota builds a great tool to help you cope with whatever we face, just make sure you’ve got it ready to go! If you have any specific questions or concerns about what you need to do specifically to get your Kubota ready for winter stop by or give us a call!