4 Quick Checks To Get Your Snow Blower Ready for Winter

Photo Credit Simplicity - Come see Us For a new Simplicity Blower Today! 

Photo Credit Simplicity - Come see Us For a new Simplicity Blower Today! 

After an unseasonably warm fall, winter is coming at a sprint. It is time to make sure your snow blower is ready for what is expected to be very harsh winter. With these simple maintenance checks, you can have your snow blower ready to go in no time.

1. Change Oil

It's not something we think of very often but in your 4 cycle snow blower you need to change the oil, especially if you have used it a lot last year and didn’t change the oil.

2. Check Paddles

This is another quick check that we tend to overlook with our snow blowers. You need to take a look at the wear marks (see image below). If you can’t find the small holes it means your paddles are worn out and you need to come in and see us to get some new ones.

3. Pour in fresh gas

If you’ve kept gas in your machine all winter you’ll want to make sure your unit starts and runs correctly. Before you do that, you’ll need to drain the old gas out of your unit and make sure you put fresh gas back in. If you drained your gas, simply pour in fresh gas and make sure it fires up alright.

4. Start It Up

Go ahead and start up your engine and make sure everything sounds good and is running correctly. It’s a lot more convenient to check this now than when you’re snowed in.

With these four quick checks you can rest assured that your snow blower will be ready for whatever mother nature throws at us this year.