Rear vs Front Mounted Snowblades

The wind has that old familiar chill to it, winter is coming, and if last year was any indication into how this year is going to be we need to start preparing now. We’ve already looked at some Kubota Cabs but in this post we’re going to compare rear and front mounted snowblades. We’ll go through the benefits and draw backs of both to help you figure out which style best suites you for the foreshadowed Snowpocalypse 2!

Front Mounted Snow Blades:

When we say Front mounted we are referring to the loader attachment seen in the image above. Kubota front loader snow blades are what we are most familiar with, since we sell them, so that is what we’re going to use for our comparison. There are some definite, if not obvious advantages to having a blade out front, but these benefits also come with a few limitations.


  • Easier Use: There is no doubt that having all your work out in front of you is better than having to turn around all the time. Not only does it save your neck, but it can also make your job more visible if you keep all your work in front of you.

  • Not Compacting the Snow: When you’re pushing the snow, rather than pulling it you’re able to put the blade in the fresh powder. This is compared to a rear blade, where you might be driving over the snow, compressing it, before you move it.

  • Easy to Install and Uninstall (Skid Steer Style): With the skid steer quick attach option from Kubota, you can install your blade in a matter of seconds. If you have a sub frame for your Kubota snow blade it may take a bit longer but they have made the process very easy either way.

  • Free Three Point Hitch: A lot of people like to use the three point hitch to attach a salt spreader when clearing off parking lots or even drive ways. Keeping the Kubota snow blade on the loader will allow you to free up the three point for these types of applications.


  • Money: Without a doubt the biggest drawback to the Kubota loader snow blade is how much it costs. You’re talking about $2k item conservatively. If you’ve got a lot of snow it’s worth it but the rear blade provides a less expensive option.

  • Taking Up Your Loader: Some people prefer to have their bucket on while working with snow, for scooping the snow or even for hauling items. Using the Kubota loader Snow blade will keep you from being able to utilize your bucket.

Rear Mounted Snow Blades:

When we’re referring to the rear mounted snow blade, we’re talking about the Land Pride grader blade that fits on the three point. These come with hydraulic angling and other various features, but for the purpose of this comparison we’re going to look at the base Land Pride RB 15 series. These have multiple angles that you can set manually. It can even turn completely around giving you a lot of various angles to help get rid of your snow:


  • Money: Compared to most snow plows, the Land Pride Rear Blades offer a great product at a great price (Starting around $600). These aren’t cheaply made but very durable and long lasting especially for the price point.

  • More Year Round Utility: The Land Pride rear blade is actually designed as a grader blade. You can use these to level dirt for landscaping or even to grade a driveway.

  • Less Aggressive Option: With the ability to spin the blade 360° you can push snow with the curve of the blade. This keeps the blade from tearing up whatever is under the snow i.e. gravel or black top.

  • Easy Installation: Couple with a Land Pride Quick Attach, one person can install a rear blade in a matter of seconds.

  • Free Front Loader Bucket: If you’re using your three point to push snow you can still use your Kubota Front Loader for a myriad of other activities.


  • Harder to Operate: Let’s face it, its harder operate a tractor driving in reverse and looking back and down. You can make short work a job but it is still more difficult than having your work in front of you.  Not to mention, depending on how you use the equipment, you might have to drive over the snow before you push it compacting it and making it harder to push around.

  • No Three Point: Remember that salt spreader from before? You’re not going to be able to do that now.

Well, we’ve laid out the all the facts about both the Kubota loader front blade and the Land Pride rear blade and how they can be used for snow. It’s now up to you