The Land Pride Dilemma: Box Scraper vs Grader Scraper

There is a big difference between a Grader Box and a Grader Scraper.

There is a big difference between a Grader Box and a Grader Scraper.

You’ve seen our videos and read our blog posts about why Grader Scrapers are so amazing but tradition has shown that box scrapers can get the job done too. This begs the question, which one is better? The answer lies fully in the job you’re trying to accomplish. In this post we’re going to take a look at these jobs and other factors that can influence whether you’re better off with a Land Pride box scraper, or a grader scraper.

The Land Pride Box Scraper:

This item consists of a box that is pulled on the back of a tractor at the three point hitch. The front of the box is open with a row of teeth that can be adjusted to break the ground as its pulled. In the rear of the box is a blade facing the tractor which allow debris to collect and be evenly distributed over an uneven surface.


Moving Material:
The high box design of the box scraper makes it a great tool for moving dirt, gravel or other material over distances.

The adjustable teeth on the front of the box scraper make ripping dirt, sod or gravel a relatively easy job.

Back filling:
Because the back of the bow is also built of a double sided blade, pushing material with the rear blade is simple.

Additional Uses: Leveling, Finish grading


Takes more horsepower than a grader scraper:

Because you’re actually catching material, it will take more horsepower to pull the box scraper through a large amount of material, as opposed to the grader scraper which lets material flow over the top its blades, creating less resistance.

Finish grading is more difficult than with a grader scraper:

Because of its drag and fill design, the box scraper can take more finesse to get that smooth driveway than the easy drop and drag grader scraper.

The Land Pride Grader Scraper:

Designed with a row of digging teeth followed by two small angled blades that run the width of the scraper, the Land Pride grader scraper is a tool used to make rough surfaces flat.


Finish Grading:
Because of their unique design which lets material flow around the two blades you get an even distribution of material simply by dragging the tool over loose ground. This is the easiest tool to use on the market today to grade your driveway or pathway.

With its front row of adjustable teeth the Land Pride grader scraper is a great tool for creating a new path that is flat and level where you want it, or just breaking up the ground if need be.

Requires less horse power:
As stated above the grader scraper has less resistance than the traditional box scraper or even rear blade.

Doesn’t require changing the blade angle (like on a rear blade):
The design of the tool is such that it always has the correct angle to smooth out whatever material you’re working with.


Limited Utility:
This tool is great for making rough material flat better than any other tool; past that it doesn’t have as many uses as a box scraper.

More expensive:
While it is a better tool for the jobs its used for, it is also more expensive (around $500 more) than your average box scraper.

Well there are the facts. At the end of the day the decision is yours. If you’re wondering which Land Pride implement is best for your land, come in or give our sales reps a call. We’ve been around and done enough to know which tools work best for whatever you’re trying to do. Most of the customers we have only use their box scraper for grading the driveway. If that is the only thing you’re using it for you need to upgrade to a grader scraper. If you’ve you got a lot of land to move around and a few different types of projects, a traditional box scraper may be right up your alley.