How to Not Become a Slave to Your Yard

Spring has sprung, the sun is shining and if photosynthesis has its way, your grass is going to grow. Maintaining your lawn this spring can either be recreational or a chore, the choice is up to you and your mindset. However here are a few keys to make getting into the right mindset a little easier. 

Cut Down Your Time:

If you really don’t like mowing, don’t take as long to mow. This quote by Humphreys’ Outdoor Power Owner Brian Humphreys sums this up.

There are two ways to cut down the amount of time you spend mowing.

  1. Mow less yard:  Put in that garden you’ve always talked about, build a food plot. These are just some of your options
  2. Upgrade your lawn mower: If you’re still mowing on a standard riding lawn mower, a zero turn with the same size deck, on average will cut your time in half. There is the jump to a zero turn and there are also different calibers of zero turn lawn mower. The general rule of thumb is: The larger the wheel motor/pumps the faster the mower. This little rule gives you a guideline when you’re looking to upgrade. Have some places in your yard that you feel more comfortable on a riding lawn mower? The quickest way to cut down time here is to move to a larger deck. An extra foot per lap can make a huge difference.

Stay Comfortable:

Make sure your lawn mower is comfortable when you ride it. Suspensions seats and springer front ends are designed to save your butt, literally. These things add value in the fact that they make the time you spend on your lawn mower more tolerable.

Enjoy yourself:

Again this comes down to your mindset going into mowing. In today’s world, we rarely get a chance to unplug. Mowing our lawn can be a great way to avoid the smart phone, the tablet or any other screen for a while. Enjoy the nice weather get outside and take advantage of some time alone. This is becoming more and more of a commodity but important to our overall mental health.

These are just a few tips to help you not dread this upcoming mowing season. If you have any of your own tips leave them in the comments! Mowing is a necessary part of all of our lives but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative experience. How do you keep a positive attitude?