Why NOT All Zero Turn Mowers Are Created Equal

With so many brands making Zero Turn Mowers, how do you know which is right for you?

With so many brands making Zero Turn Mowers, how do you know which is right for you?

There are way too many brands of zero turn lawn mowers on the market today. It’s nearly impossible, as a consumer to look at them all and do the research necessary to make sure you’re getting the right mower for you. We’re all like kids in the candy store looking for the best investment; that one piece of candy that is going to taste the best without breaking the bank. The sales people here are Humphreys’ are kind of like candymen, we’ve tried most of them and are here to help explain some of the differences. Here are the reasons why not all zero turn lawn mowers are created equal and what you should look at to figure out their differences:

Wheel Pumps/motors

When it comes to zero turn mowers, the main indicator for speed is the size of the wheel pumps and motors.  Most people look at horsepower, which can be an indicator to the wheel pump size (it takes a larger horsepower engine to run larger wheel pumps), but at the end of the day it’s the pumps that matter most when it comes to speed. It’s important to look at who manufactures the pumps. On many residential pumps the wheel motors are synonymous, but as you move up into commercial and industrial grade zero turn lawn mowers, your options change. Dixie Chopper uses a combination of White and Parker pumps, which are among the best in the market.

Mowing Deck

Typically before your engine dies, you’re deck is going to rust. This has been the general assumption in the lawn mower industry for years. However with the advent of fabricated (welded and reinforced) decks over stamped lawn mower decks, we’re seeing decks last longer. It’s still important as you’re looking for zero turn mowers to look at the deck construction. You need to look at the gauge of steel used, make sure it is a fabricated deck, and look at the vacuum the deck creates when it mows. The air under the deck should be pulling your grass up to get a better cut. Think that’s science fiction? Its physics, and it should be happening under your lawn mower.


Long gone are the days when a rough ride was expected on a lawn mower. Manufacturers like Dixie Chopper have invested in suspension seats and springer front ends that can ensure a comfortable ride. Make sure to take a look at how the seat is suspended on the frame and which areas of the frame are going to take some of the shock from hitting the occasional mole hill.


We all know that zero turn lawn mowers have their issues with hills. However there are certain things that can help your lawn mower climb a hill. The type of tire on your zero turn lawn mower is one of these things. Whether you have a hill or not you need to be looking at the tread on your tire to see if its going to match the type of mowing you’re doing. If you have flat ground you don’t want an aggressive tire that is going to tear up your turf. On the other side, if you have hills, you’re going to want something more aggressive to make sure that you can hang on the hill. Also take a look at how the tire is made so that you can see how long it will last. If you have some thorn trees you might want to consider foam filled “never flats”. If you don’t have a lot of thorns or sharp objects in your yard these never flats will sacrifice comfort during your ride. Make sure to ask your dealer which tires will match up best with your yard.


Usability is critical when your logging hours on your lawn mower each year. You want to find a piece of equipment that suits you. Electric PTO switches have become standard. Cup holders, 12 volt chargers and other features that Dixie Chopper and other manufacturers offer are great, but they only make sense if you’re going to use them. Its important to match the equipment you’re looking at with your comfort. Take the deck lift for example. Each manufacturer has its own deck lift system. It’s important that as you’re looking at new zero turn you take lifting your deck into account. Do you raise your deck very often? What is the most comfortable way for you to raise the deck? What fits in your price range?

At the end of the day all of the manufacturers like Dixie Chopper are developing lawn mowers for you, the consumer. It is important to note the differences in each one and find the mower that is going to put a great cut on your yard in the most comfortable way possible.