Kubota Package Deals: Behind the Smoke and Mirrors

An L4600 with Filled R4 Tires and Quick Attach Skid Steer Style bucket is not the type of tractor you'll find in these Kubota Package Deals! 

An L4600 with Filled R4 Tires and Quick Attach Skid Steer Style bucket is not the type of tractor you'll find in these Kubota Package Deals! 

In the last year or so we’ve taken hundreds of calls about these deals. Some asking if we have any similar deals, some simply asking if there is a catch. The answer to the first question is “sort of”. The answer to the second question is “Generally yes”. We’ll be happy to explain.

What is a Kubota Package Deal?

These are the “SPECIAL OFFERS!!!” you often find online or in the free auto books. These package deals usually include a Kubota tractor with a loader and bucket, a rotary cutter, box scraper and a trailer, all at a discounted bundled price. A lot of times these are found out of state and even marketed out of state as a “Drive up, hook up and go” type deal.  At the surface these seem like great deals, but let’s dive a little deeper.

What is the catch with these Kubota Package Deals?

These are generally the bare minimum Kubota has to offer in terms of tractors. These usually have lightweight loaders, pin on lightweight buckets, standard ag tires, not filled for stability and usually are missing a variety of other options. The implements in these deals are usually not heavy duty or reinforced and again the lowest common denominator in the line. Basically they draw you in with super low prices (and minimum quality products) then gradually upsell you into the tractor you want or need at a large markup. You want a quick attach bucket that won’t fold up the first time you bump a tree? That’s an extra $600. R4 tires filled $854. They nickel and dime you until you’re paying what eventually turns into a higher price for an equal tractor sold at your local servicing dealer. It is even worse when they don’t give you upgrade options. You buy a tractor thinking you’ve received a deal, get home and it’s not the tractor you thought it was. You’re dissatisfied and go away thinking that Kubota makes an inferior product. When in fact Kubota makes a great product, you just purchased a tractor that was not suited to meet your needs. We don’t like that.

Does Humphreys’ Have Kubota Package Deals?

Remember when I said the answer to this is “sort of”. I’ll stand by that. We don’t have premade packages. Let me explain. We order almost all of our tractors built to the specifications we, as Kubota operators and as a Kubota Dealership that has to stand behind their products, consider usable. We order all of our L Series Kubotas with quick attach heavy-duty skid steer style buckets. We order all HST models with Cruise control. Simply put, we order tractors that are meant to be used, not just meant to be sold, and we stand behind them. We start with a superior product. Then when you come in, we ask you what jobs you’re going to be using your tractor for, and we’re going to have a conversation about ballast in your tires to keep you safe and address other concerns you might have. If you want or need an additional option we will give you that option at retail price and not charge to get the option in or to install whatever it may be. That doesn’t mean we can’t get the bare bones tractors for you. We understand that some people are fine with the lightweight pin on bucket and just want to save money, but we’ll make sure that you realize what tractor you’re getting.

As we start looking at implements, we match you with the correct implement/tractor combination to make sure that you’re satisfied with the machines you’re purchasing. We’re talking about thousands of dollars here, we believe you should get something that meets or exceeds your expectations. We offer 5% off of all implements purchased with or up to a year after your tractor is purchased. So in this regard, yes, we do have Kubota packages. The difference being that we’re upfront about our prices and our packages are tailored to fit your needs.

I’m sure we’ll continue to receive calls about Kubota Package Deals, and that is fine. We can’t deny that the price does seem exceptionally low with those deals, but like with most things, you get what you pay for. Most people don’t like spending money for a machine that doesn’t meet their expectations. That’s why we’ve been a Kubota Dealer for 50 years and why we’ve been in business since 1966; we take care of our customers.