The Ins and Outs of Lawn Mower Financing

Dixie Chopper currently offers 0% Interest for 48 Months

Dixie Chopper currently offers 0% Interest for 48 Months

Lawn mowers can be expensive.  For many people it comes down to “Can I justify spending this much money a lawnmower?”   Financing is a great way to get the equipment you need/want without draining your bank account.    The thought of financing can be intimidating for some.  It shouldn’t be.   Gone are the days when you needed to bring pay stubs, account information and copies of everything you’ve ever signed your name to, only to wait a week to 10 days for an answer.  Talk about nerve racking!  

Nowadays, lawn mower financing has never been easier and more convenient.   Sheffield Financial is an excellent resource for Dixie Choppier financing.      Sheffield Financial began in 1992 and is based in Winston-Salem, NC.  They specialize in consumer lending for outdoor power equipment & power sport vehicles.   They are our main source for lawn mower financing, specifically Dixie Chopper financing. 

The hardest part about financing a lawn mower is choosing which model of mower.  Once you’ve gotten that done, we will  ask you a few simple questions for the credit application either in person or via the phone.     Usually, we can have a answer within a ½ hour.  Right now Sheffield Financial is offering 0% for 48 months on new mowers.   This means that no interest will be charged to the principal amount financed.   There are other fees with this program, but these are added into the contract.  These can vary from deal to deal, so call us for specifics.     We prefer to deal with fixed rate installment loans.  This means that the interest and the payment doesn’t change and at the end of the loan, the mower is yours, paid in full.

Generally speaking, we don’t require any out of pocket money down.  However, if you prefer a lower monthly payment, putting some money down, or having a trade-in is a great way to get to a monthly amount you are comfortable with.

We do have other alternatives if your credit may have “Hit a few bumps” in the road.   We work closely with our local Springleaf Financial branch here in town.  We can no longer write contracts for them, however you can call them directly & they will contact us to get the information they need to complete your deal.  We’ve also had many people who prefer to deal with their own local bank.   If that’s the case, just have them give us a call, and again, we can get them the information they need.   The bottom line is, don’t let the current size of your checkbook be the only thing keeping you from purchasing the equipment you need to get the job done!