Tips for starting your Kubota Tractor in Cold Weather


Lets face it, it’s a miserable time of year. It’s cold it’s windy, not the best time of year to do work. Your tractor feels the same way. Despite the cold weather your tractor can and will still be a workhorse. There are a few steps that you have to take to make sure that its ready for the winter season. Here are some tips to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your Kubota Tractor!

Keep your battery charged:

There is no substitute for preparation when it comes to cold weather. Before the weather starts to turn try to make sure that your battery is fully charged. Cold weather can do a number on a battery. Its important to make sure its at full health before it gets cold!

Proper Storage:

Your Kubota tractor is a rugged machine, but like most things it works best when stored properly. If you can, try to store your tractor in a covered shed or garage. Heated garages work the best if they are available, both for you and the machine. Try as best you can to keep the cold from your tractor and its engine. If you don’t have access to a shed try to at least store your Kubota in an area that is blocked from the wind.

Winter Power By Primrose can help your Diesel fuel in the winter! 

Winter Power By Primrose can help your Diesel fuel in the winter! 

Good Fuel:

The type of diesel fuel you use in your machine can have a direct affect on how well the engine will start and run. It is important to make sure to have off road diesel (the red fuel). This fuel lacks certain additives that corrupt fuel over time. Adding supplements to your fuel like Winter Power by Primarose can help regardless of whether or not you’re using off road diesel. These additives can prevent gelling, icing, disperse moisture, and help with cold starts in general.

Pre-heat the Engine:

Pre heating the glow plugs in your engine heat up the combustion chamber to help the diesel fuel ignite and start combustion. They are only needed for the initial start in cold weather but play an important role. Most new Kubotas have an automatic timer that tells you when the glow plugs are heated. Simply turn the key to the left, a spiral light will show up on your dashboard. This indicates that the plugs are heating. Continue to hold the key to the left until the light goes off indicating that the plugs are properly heated then turn your key to the right to crank the engine.

Let the engine Idle:

After you have started your tractor, let it idle for 10-20 minutes. This allows the heat from the engine to move into the transmission, transfer case and gear drive of the tractor. It is important to make sure that the oil is warmed so that it is less thick (oil tends to thicken up in very cold weather) and properly lubricates the gear box and transmission. 

Let the Machine Run during small breaks:

If you’ve heated your engine and done some work and want to take a small break, keep your engine running. This will keep the heat in the engine and will alleviate the need for preheating the next go around.

Well there you have it! The tips that you need to make sure your Kubota Tractor is running like a champ all winter long. Now get out there preheat your tractor, attach the snow plow and get to work, that driveway isn’t going to plow itself!