8 Benefits of Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

Dixie Chopper X Calliber 3366 

Dixie Chopper X Calliber 3366 

We’ve all heard of them and how they’re the fastest lawn mowers in the world, but what are the benefits of zero turn mowers over other more conventional lawn mowers? We’ve outlined 8 of the biggest reason why zero turn mowers are superior!

Lets start off by defining a zero turn lawn mower. A zero turn lawn mower is a lawn mower that has a turning radius of zero (that makes sense) . Generally these are characterized by having two levers in the place of a steering wheel that control wheel motors on each of the back wheels. These independent wheel motors allow the mower to turn on a dime, or maneuver around obstacles quickly and efficiently.

  1. More Maneuverability:  The dual wheel motors found on zero turn mowers allow the driver maximum maneuverability. Controlling each wheel independently allows you to go forward, backward, right, or left just by moving your arms forward and backward.
  2. Shorter Mowing Time: On average a Zero Turn mower will cut your mowing time in half. This of course can vary from yard to yard but regardless of size and obstacles you’ll see a significant drop in the amount of time you’re on you’re lawn mower. The shorter mowing time comes from a combination of features on the Zero- Turn mower. The higher level of maneuverability allows you to zip around obstacles like trees and houses, and allows you to change any direction with the greatest of ease.
  3. Less Fuel consumptions: If you’re not spending as much time mowing you’re not spending as much time using gas. It’s as simple as that!
  4. Longer Lasting: Because you aren’t working your engine for as long a period of time as a regular mower you’re creating less wear on average. This means that your zero turn mower is going to outlast a comparable riding mower!
  5. Cleaner Mow Job: Almost all zero turn mowers have higher blade tip speed than their riding mower counter parts. This allows you to get a better cut on the grass leaving your yard looking better!
  6. Better Mulching: Again this comes down to the higher blade tip speed over riding mowers. This allows you to chop up leaves better and more efficiently than with riding lawn mowers.
  7. Less Trimming in your yard: Because you have the maneuverability and control to get closer to objects in your yard, you don’t always need to spend extra time with your push mower or trimmer to still achieve a clean look.
  8. They’re more fun: Have you been on one? If yes, then you know what I’m talking about. If no, then come to the shop and try one out!

While there may be more nostalgia associated with classic riding mowers there is no doubt that modern zero turn mowers have their own benefits and perks.  Feel free to contact us today and ask about a demo zero turn to try on your yard!