4 Benefits of Filling your Tires with Ballast

Here at Humphreys, we recommend filling the back tires on every Kubota Tractor and loader we sell. There are a multitude of reasons for this that this post will go over.  Before we dive into the benefits though, lets take look at what we’re actually putting into the tires and explain a little about the process. We fill our tires with a product called Rim Guard, which is formulated to protect against rust and corrosion on tire rims and is non toxic and animal food grade safe. It is processed from a by-product of sugar beets, which has a freezing temperature of -35° F this works well for Indiana’s mild to hard winters.  We put this material in only the back tires of the tractor in order to achieve the following benefits :

  1. Increased Stability:
    Ballast is placed in the tires themselves as opposed to weights that are attached to the rims. This allows the weight to be at the lowest center of gravity for the tractor in every situation. This allows you more control over rough terrain!

  2. Increased Traction: 
    Simply put, more weight on the tire equals more traction. Its as easy as that!

  3. Reduced Tire Wear:
    The increased weight and traction limit the amount of tire slipping. This occurs when the tire spins on the ground without enough traction (burning out). The added weight decreases the number of times this occurs, increasing the life of your tire.

  4. Safer Operation:
    It isn’t hard to overload the loader on the front in which can cause the rear end of the tractor to lift off the ground. The ballast in the tires can decrease the chances of that happening significantly. The afore mentioned increase in stability can also help keep an operator safer in rough terrain.

At the end of the day there are a lot of reasons why you should fill your tires with ballast. For a relatively low price you can assure that your tractor is performing to the best of its ability while keeping the operator safe. What else could be more important?