5 Lessons We Learned from the Snowpocolypse

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Well, we’ve survived the snowpocolypse. All in all we handled a lot of issues during the huge snowstorm and learned a lot of things along the way. We thought we should share this newfound knowledge with you so that when the next snow storm comes along, you’ll be ready! Below is a list of lessons we’ve learned as a Servicing Kubota Tractor dealership and lawn mower repair shop.

  1. By far the most expensive issue we faced during the cold weather was replacing tires. As the weather got cold, the tire pressure (usually of the front tires) on tractors we serviced got low. Many people started to plow snow or dig themselves out without first checking their tires. The tire would then slip off the bead of the rim and tear into the sidewall of the tire. This mean replacing the entire tire, which can be expense. Lesson Learned: Always Check your tire pressure, but especially during cold weather conditions.

  2. This is one case when it isn’t cool to be “gellin”.  As your diesel fuel gets cold (sub zero conditions), it can gell up in your tank and reek havoc on your fuel filter and possibly on your fuel line. The way around this is to treat your diesel fuel with winterizer, such as Winter Power (which we sell). This can keep your fuel from gelling and your tractor working like a champ. Lesson Learned: Treat your diesel fuel for winter conditions.

  3. We had a large number of snow blowers come in the week of the snowpocolypse with issues ranging from broken starter ropes to dirty carburetors. The lesson we learned from this is that it’s important to check your winter equipment before you need it. Most of those issues were general wear and tear, but the fact is, if they had been checked before the snow started they would have been good to throw snow when they were needed. Lesson learned: Be proactive in checking and maintaining your winter equipment.

  4. We got to push a lot of snow this winter. Despite owning our property for many years we kept finding ourselves plowing our yard instead of our driveway. It doesn’t matter how familiar you are with your property, when there is a foot of snow it all looks the same. Lesson Learned: Mark your driveway with flags or other tall markers so that you know where to and where not to plow.

  5. With road crews struggling to get the major highways and interstates clear, a lot of us country folk were left to our own devices. At times like these, its nice to sell tractor and snow blades for living. We helped as many people as we could get dug out but there is still no replacement for having the tools needed to help yourself. Lesson Learned: Have the right equipment for emergencies.

All things considered, it wasn’t a bad snowpocolypse. Our family stayed safe and warm and we know that we’re blessed for that. We’re happy for the lessons we learned. While we’re not necessarily looking forward to the next big snow storm, we are looking forward to applying the lessons we’ve learned to be better prepared!