5 Causes of a Poor Quality of Cut

ere at Humphreys, we hear a lot about people’s yards and see a lot of issues with various mowers that can affect the quality of cut. When we have customers who come in complaining that their lawn mower isn’t cutting correctly, we have a standard check down list to go through. Here is that check list to help you get the perfect cut from your lawn mower:

  1. Sharp Blades: This is by far the easiest thing to check on your machine. You should sharpen your blades at least 3 times a year. You’ll know your blades are dull if your grass has a white color to it. This is caused from the grass tearing instead of being cut.
  2. Clean Deck: You need to make sure that your deck doesn’t have a lot of debris in it. This debris can affect the air flow under the deck causing an uneven cut.
  3. Tire Pressure: The least obvious cause of a poor or uneven cut is the tire pressure. Especially now in early spring, temperatures can drop and your tires can loose pressure without you knowing it. Low tire pressure can cause your deck to dip on one side and cut unevenly.
  4. Level Deck: When you’ve got an uneven cut and it’s not the tires, it’s probably the deck. Every once in a while, if you hit a big bump or run into something, you cause your deck to jar and bounce to an uneven state. Sometimes you can fix this yourself, other times you might want to call a shop like ours.
  5. Travel Speed: There is a user error component to mowing. If you’ve got a particularly rough yard, you’ll want to travel at a slower speed. The bouncing or ramping off of molehills and everything else can cause your mower to mow uneven and can also cause further problems down the line with your mower. Just because you can drive fast doesn’t always mean that you should.

This is our check down list when people say that their mower isn’t mowing properly. That isn’t to say this is exhaustive, every yard is different so it could be any number or combination of issues. This, however, is a great place to start. If you are having issues getting the perfect cut on your yard give us a call today