10 Signs You’re Ready for a Kubota Tractor

Is it time for you to get a Kubota?

Is it time for you to get a Kubota?

You’ve got land, whether it’s new or old, and things need to get done to keep it going. You’ve wanted a Kubota tractor for some time, but how do you know when you actually need one? We’ve been hooking people up with the right tractors for their needs for well over 30 years and below is a brief list of some of the uses and justifications we’ve heard for getting a new Kubota tractor. So let this post be your guide and see if you recognize the 10 signs that you’re ready for a Kubota Tractor in your life.

  1. Getting fatigued during manual labor:
    People get older, its nothing to be ashamed of. The good news is that Kubota makes the tools you need to strain yourself less.

  2. You’re kids are moving out:
    They’ve been around to help around the house and the property for the last 18 years and now you’re on your own but there is just as much work.
  3. You’re tired of spending all your time on projects that are lasting longer than they should:
    You know about how long it should take you to get a job done. So spend less time working and more time enjoying the spoils of your labor.
  4. You’re tired of relying on other people for snow removal:
    Sure your neighbor can come dig you and your family out in a heavy winter, but do you really want to ask them to do that, or rely on them to get you after they’ve dug themselves out?
  5. You want to raise horses or other livestock:
    Whether you’re trying to give your daughter or wife the horses she’s always wanted, or you’re living out your dream to be a cowboy, its going to take a tractor to adequately take care of your horses. From fence to hay you’ll need the right tool to get the job done.
  6. You have a hay field that someone else is making money on:
    This is a no brainer. Why not take care of the hay yourself and make a little money on the side? You’ll need a tractor for that.
  7. Your old tractor is burning more money than fuel:
    There comes a time when you have to quit. When you start spending more money on the old tractor than its worth, you need to start looking at getting a new one.
  8. You’re moving to a larger property that will take more work to maintain: 
    This is by far the biggest reason we see for why people need Kubotas. It takes a lot of work to build your dream property and a new Kubota can make it a lot easier.
  9. You’re ready to up your garden:
    Maybe its time to cash in on that Saturday morning farmers market and make a little more money on the side. Or maybe you’re just tired of spending too much money on fresh veggies from the store. Either way a garden can be a relaxing way to get some good eats. A Kubota tractor can increase the size and yield of your garden, while reducing the effort.
  10. You’re neighbor has one:
    here is something to be said about keeping up with the Joneses. Just make sure that yours is bigger and faster!

 While you’re weighing your own options keep in mind that Kubota is offering 0% financing for 60 months. You can afford it, you just need to make sure you need it and if you meet any of these 10 criteria or if you just know, give us a call today and we’ll match you with the right Kubota for your job! Already decided that you're ready for a new tractor? Check out our guide on how to select the right one.