The Zen of Mowing: 4 Reasons Mowing Helps Clear Your Mind

Where is do you find your zen?

When I was a kid, I found peace of mind in a couple different places. Having been someone who didn’t particularly like to be alone, its no coincidence that I generally found my zen when I was by myself. Running was part of my zen, but so was mowing.

There is something about mowing that helps sooth the soul. I think that there are 4 key elements that make mowing an effective tool for finding zen; working through your problems and finding peace of mind.

Mowing Gives You Time to Reflect:

There is something to be said for having time alone to get your thoughts in order. Outside stimuli can obstruct your thinking. Mowing provides an otherwise mindless task that doesn’t take a lot of thinking. Just make sure you’re walking or driving straight and keep your overlap consistent. With that in mind, you have time to start to delve into whatever issue is bothering you or just relax without being hassled for a while. (CAUTION: Keep in mind you are pushing or driving a machine with spinning blades, so make sure to pay attention to what you’re doing as well)

You’re Accomplishing Something:

Maybe its just my generation, plagued by too many media outlets, but there are way to many ways to waste a day. The Internet, video games, movies, all of which have value but they can be overused to waste your time. How many cat videos do you really need to watch? Did you have to binge watch 5 seasons of Breaking Bad in a week? While you’re mowing, you know you ‘re not wasting your time. When you’re done, there is a sense of accomplishment. I think this adds to the zen effect.

You’re Outside:

Again, much like the last paragraph, there are countless excuses to stay inside. Being in and around nature is good for the soul. It was Einstein who once said “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” He knew a thing or too about understanding things. Its important to get outside and clear our minds and mowing the lawn gives us a great excuse to do just that.

You Come to Appreciate your Property:

You don’t really know your yard until you’ve mowed the entire thing a couple of times. You know where every bump is, every nook you can’t reach, and the easy parts you can blow through on your zero turn. Mowing allows you to fully understand how your lawn is laid out, bringing you closer to your property.

It may seem like a chore. It may literally be a chore. At the end of the day, mowing offers us a chance to escape from the real world, zone out, unplug and just focus on getting something accomplished all while we get to hang out outside. It gives us a chance to reflect on relationships, work, plans for the future, anything that is troubling you, or even things you find appealing. So next time you’re groaning and moaning about mowing, stay positive and think about how you’re going to best utilize your Zen.