How to Select the Right Dixie Chopper for Your Yard

Maybe the Twin Engine is right for you?

We get customers all the time who have heard of Dixie Chopper, the world’s fastest lawn mower, but aren’t exactly sure where they need to start when it comes to purchasing one for themselves. There are a number of things to take into consideration and this blog post is going to try to help you walk through what those considerations are. Lets get started.

Are you a commercial cutter or just mowing your own lawn? If you’re a commercial cutter, you’re going to want to start at the Silver Eagle line and move up. You need a heavy-duty mower that you’re going to be able to put some hours on, and the Silver Eagle is the perfect starting point. Once you figure out where to start you need to go on to the next question. For residential mowers, you need to go on to the next question regardless.

How much are you mowing? This is a vague question to be sure, but an important one. If you’re mowing 1-2 acres a Dixie Chopper Zee 2 will be right up your alley. If you’re mowing 2-4 acres a Magnum will be where you want to start. If you’re mowing 4-7 acres a Silver Eagle will be where you want to be. 7-9 you’re probably going to want to start at the Classic model and look up to the Excalibur. 10+ you need to start looking at the Excalibur.

What kind of Terrain are you mowing? If you’ve got a rough yard you need something that is going to withstand a beating. Perhaps more importantly, you need to have a mower that will absorb a beating to keep you comfortable. The Silver Eagle, Classic, and Excalibur models can all be equipped with springer front ends and suspension seats that can save your butt, literally!

Do you have a lot of hills or mostly flat ground? This is an important question because zero turn lawn mowers are notorious for not hanging on hills well. If we know the lay of your land, we can make special alterations to specific models to allow you to optimize your Dixie Chopper to suit your needs. These alterations are mostly in regard to the type of tires on your Dixie Chopper. As for models, the bigger the tire model that is wider, with a lower center of gravity tends to be better suited for hillsides.

What size deck are you currently mowing with?  This is important because if you’ve been on your property for a long time you might know that you’re old 50” mower can fit between your gate posts. Its little things like this that can make a world of difference when purchasing a new Dixie Chopper. You don’t want to buy a machine that is too big and can lead to more jobs down the road.

What are your expectations? It’s a given that your Dixie Chopper is going to be a great mowing machine. But you have to be realistic about your expectations. They have a variety of models for specific jobs and its important to match the right mower with the right job so as to meet and ultimately exceed your expectations. In general a 50” Mower can cut at around 2 acres per hour, 60” 3 acres per hour, and 72” will cut around 5 acres per hour. While engines and wheel motors can make these number vary a little, it is important to realize the capabilities of the mower you want and match those with the mowers you’re looking to purchase.

When it comes right down to it, the best way to make sure you get the right Dixie Chopper mower for your lawn, is to come in and talk to salesman. Having been in business since 1966, we know a thing or two about how to mow a yard, how to maintain a mower and most importantly how to make sure that you’re getting the right mower! Come in and see us and lets start on the journey to your new Dixie Chopper lawn mower.