Ain’t Life Grand: The Difference between the Kubota Standard L Series and Kubota Grand L Series

The Kubota Grand L 4060 Cab is the perfect tractor for any weather

The Kubota Grand L 4060 Cab is the perfect tractor for any weather

Kubota makes great tractors; there is no question about that. However, when it comes to their tractors, specifically their mid-size L Series, their tractors are not equal. This blog post is going to dive into the differences between the Kubota Standard L Series and the luxurious Kubota Grand L Series.

Just a Bigger Tractor

The Grand L chassis is simply larger than the standard L Tractors. This increases the weight, width, and overall capabilities of the Kubota Grand L over the Kubota Standard L in a similar model comparison.

Weight Range for the Kubota Standard L Series Tractors:

  • 2557- 3307 lbs

Weight Range for the Kubota Grand L Series Tractors:

  • 3351-4376 lbs

Wheel Base Range for Kubota Standard L Series Tractors:

  • 63.3”-72.6”

Wheel Base Range for the Kubota Grand L Series Tractors:

  • 71.3”-75.4”

The fact that this is a larger tractor means that it can use larger implements. Often times a tractor has enough horsepower to run a large implement but doesn’t have the physical size to handle to it. The tail wags the dog so to speak. With the Grand L Series added size and height, you increase the size of the implements that you can run.


More Bells and even a few whistles:

The Kubota Grand L series features an all new ergonomic design for easier use. 

Kubota developed their Grand L Series to be their luxury line of mid size tractors. That said, the Grand L has been where they’ve put the most time focusing on new technology and design to make their tractor more ergonomic and cutting edge.


Transmission Types:

While the Standard L Series offers the classic gear drive (DT) and hydrostatic (HST) Transmissions, the Kubota Grand L Series offers 3 premium transmission types:


Just like your regular HST pedal driven transmission only with automated control of both the HST pump and the drive motor.

Glide Shift (GST)

Glide shift offers a 12-speed transmission with clutchless operation. The GST also features an electronically controlled hydraulic shifting system which allows you to shift while on the move.

Fully Synchronized and Shuttle Shift (FST)

This 8 forward and 8 reverse speed gear transmission allows you to shift on the move.


New Technology:

The Grand L Series features an all-new intellipanel. This dot matrix digital panel allows you to keep track of everything going on in your tractor.

The all new Grand L Intellipanel

HST Plus:

With the HST Plus technology you also get a few more features:

  • Hydro Dual Speed: Hydrostatic High-Low function
  • Auto Throttle Advance: automatically syncs tractor speed and engine rotations for increased fuel economy
  • HST Response control: Set how responsive you want your HST to be from your pedal.
  •  Stall Guard Plus: Keeps your engine and PTO from stalling in heavy duty applications

Additional Features:

The new throttle up switch 

  • Grand Cab: The Kubota Grand L Series is the only mid size tractor that features a factory built Kubota Cab.
  • Heavy Duty Front Axle
  • Heavy Duty Loader
  • Mechanical 2 Lever Quick Coupler: This standard feature allows you to change the implement on your loader with ease.
  • Throttle Up Switch: The Grand L Series features a throttle up button on the loader lever for increased power when you need it.
  • Telescopic lower ends: These telescopic ends on the lower ends of your three point hitch allow you more flexibility when attaching implements to your three point.
  • Tilt Steering Wheel
  • Increased Leg room
  • New Deluxe Suspension Seat
  • Ergonomic Control Layout: Loader, hitch and remote levers are located in more ergonomic location.
  • Optional Mid PTO: The Grand L Series is the only L Tractor that features a mid mount PTO.

We get a lot of people who love their Kubota tractor. Whether the general duty Kubota Standard L Series or the luxurious Kubota Grand L Series with all the bells  and whistles, there is no doubt that Kubota is a leader in the compact tractor category. For more information or if you have any questions please contact us today!