10 Things you probably didn’t know about Dixie Chopper Lawn Mowers

#5 Dixie Chopper was featured on the hit show Home Improvement

Dixie Chopper has been building zero turn lawn mowers in Putnam county since 1980. They’ve been a staple in our community in terms of creating jobs and through their generous philanthropy, but I bet there are a few things you didn’t know about the world’s fastest lawn mower.


1.     You can put Dixie Chopper’s current deck spindle into a lawn mower from the 80's.

2.     90% of the metal components on our Dixie Chopper products are cut, welded, or formed in-house.

3.     The Turf Boss tire is a patented design owned by Dixie Chopper.

4.     They double your pleasure: Dixie Chopper is the only manufacturer to build a zero turn with twin-engines.

5.     They’re stars!: Dixie Chopper was featured on an episode of Home Improvement

6.     There was a prototype Dixie Chopper Lawn mower built with a jet engine from a Chinook Helicopter

7.   Dixie Chopper built the first ever 4X4 lawn mower with Zero Turn capabilities. Check it out here!

8.     They’re staying clean: Dixie Chopper is the only manufacturer to use spindle fans.

9.     They’re staying green: They’re the first manufacturer to offer LP mowers without conversion kits.

10. Dixie Chopper is the first manufacturer to offer a mower that runs off of compressed natural gas.


For more information on Dixie Chopper products, check out Humphreys Outdoor Power Dixie Chopper product pages. Or give us a call!