RCF 2772 Rotary Cutter


RCF 2772 Rotary Cutter


72" Rotary Cutting Mower

The RCF27 Series Rotary Cutters is a smooth top version of our RCR26 Series, offering the same great cut and ideal for grass, weeds, crops, brush and small trees up to 3 inches in diameter. These units come equipped standard with a 3/16" thick heavy-duty stump jumper and replaceable bolt-on skid shoes. Optional shields are available for the front and rear.

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  • SURPASSED RUGGED INDUSTRY STANDARDS: All Land Pride Cutters have been designed and tested and meet rigorous voluntary testing procedures specified by ANSI.
  • 5 YEAR GEARBOX WARRANTY: Shows our confidence in the gearbox integrity.
  • 130 HP GEARBOX: A rugged heavy built gearbox capable of handling heavy cutting applications.
  • GEARBOX SEAL PROTECTION: Gearbox bottom seal protection for longer bearing life.
  • CAT. 4 DRIVELINE WITH 4-PLATE SLIP-CLUTCH: Slip-clutch driveline offers convenience for continual work.
  • LOWER CLEVIS TYPE 3-POINT HITCH: Allows for ease of hook-up to tractor. Also adds additional strength allowing for an even pull from the tractor’s lower arms, vs. pulling on a single pin design.
  • HEAVY 10 GAUGE DECK CONSTRUCTION WITH 1/4” SIDE SKITS: Can withstand more abuse than lighter gauge decks.
  • BOX TUBING DECK SUPPORTS: Makes for a stronger rigid deck.
  • FULLY WELDED DECK: Adds additional strength.
  • ROUND BACK DESIGN: Helps discharge grass better than enclosed or partially enclosed cutters.
  • 11 1/4” DECK HEIGHT: Allows cutter to handle heavy cutting conditions.
  • 1 1/2” TO 12” CUTTING HEIGHT: Provides for a wide range of cutting conditions.
  • HIGH CUTTING CAPACITY: Can cut brushy areas with saplings up to 3”.
  • SKID SHOES: Provides sidewall reinforcement and protection to bottom of sidewall.
  • 1/2” X 4” HEAT-TREATED FREE SWINGING BLADES: Free swinging protects from obstructions. Heat-treated offers longer life.
  • SPLINED BLADE BAR HUB: Allows for tight positive fit of stump jumper and blade bar to gearbox output shaft.
  • 3/16” PLATE STUMP JUMPER: Standard round stump jumper slides over stumps, rocks and debris.
  • HIGH BLADE TIP SPEED:  RCF2772 = 14,861 FPM Ensures clean cut.
  • LAMINATED TAILWHEEL: Laminated material is long lasting in rough conditions.
  • 4” X 15” SOLID RUBBER TAILWHEEL: Can’t go flat.
  • 1 1/2” HEAVY-DUTY SPINDLE ON TAILWHEEL: Tailwheels take a beating, spindle gives the strength to protect tailwheel assembly.
  • OPTIONAL GUARDING: Protect against flying debris. Customer can choose to include single chain or rubber guarding on the front and single chain guarding on the back.

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