SGS Skeleton Grapples


SGS Skeleton Grapples


Let the SGS15 Series Skeleton Grapple do the digging for you by removing roots, stumps, and other timber or debris. The SGS15 offers 5-1/2" spacing between the teeth, smaller debris is sifted. Dual hydraulic cylinders can close at various gaps to handle irregular shapes, and serrated teeth make this grapple a workhorse in storm clean up and land clearing operations.

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ATTACHES TO POWER EQUIPMENT EASILY: Uses Skid Steer Quick Hitch design for quick and easy attachment.

DESIGNED TO FIT SKID STEER LOADERS AND FRONT TRACTOR LOADERS: The quick attach plate mounted grapple can be attached to a wide variety of machines. Note: Tractor Loaders must be fitted with a Skid Steer universal quick attach mounting system.

DESIGNED TO PROTECT HYDRAULIC HOSES: Hydraulic hoses routed to prevent pinching.

GREASABLE HARDENED BUSHINGS AT ALL PIVOT POINTS: Bushings can be replaced if needed.

1 1/4" PIVOT PINS: Large diameter pins for extra strength.

TWO CYLINDER INDEPENDENT GRAPPLES: Able to secure uneven loads.

GRADE 80 TEETH MATERIAL: More than double the strength of mild steel.

FRONT GUSSETED TINES: Strengthens tine tips.

OPEN BOTTOM AND BACK: Allows dirt to fall through tines.

OPTIONAL CYLINDER SHIELDS: Protects hydraulic cylinder and fittings.