PF 10 Front Forks


PF 10 Front Forks


The Land Pride PF10 Series Bucket Mounted Pallet Forks have uses in farming, ranching, construction sites, nurseries, campuses, theme parks, salvage operations, warehouses, lumber yards, large or small retail outlets, and many other applications. They have the capability of turning your tractor or skid steer bucket loader into a forklift for expanded material handling capabilities. With capacities of 1000 lb. for the PF10 Series or 2000 lb. for the PF20 , you'll find that the Land Pride Pallet Forks will save you time and money and make material handling jobs a great deal easier.

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  • LARGE CLAMP SPACING: Stabilizes forks and spreads load across a wider area.
  • LARGE SLIDING CLAMP HANDLES: Makes clamping easier and insures tight secure fit.
  • TALL REAR UPRIGHTS: Keep loads from slipping backwards.
  • PF10 FORK: 3"X2"X3/16"X31 5/8" TUBE: Set of two pallet forks are capable of lifting 1,000 lbs. 
  • SWIVELING TOP AND HINGED BOTTOM: Insures easy fit and function.
  • TWO CAPACITIES AND TWO SIZES: Meets most needs for low cost fork lift handling on customers own front loader or skid steer loader.