DH 15 Series


DH 15 Series


Land Pride's DH15 Series Disc Harrows break up the ground with their heavy-duty frames and heat treated disc blades, making them ideal for landscapers and small acreage farmers. Disc gangs can be ordered with smooth or notched arrays for lighter or more aggressive applications based on customer needs. The DH15 Series Disc Harrows are at home in applications from commercial landscaping, nurseries, and large gardens to small farms and municipal beautification programs.

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  • CAT. 1 3-POINT HITCH: Fits Land Pride Quick-Hitch for easy one-person attachment and removal.
  • WEIGHT: 60” - 629 lbs.; 72” - 714 lbs.; 90” - 865 lbs. Heavy construction helps penetrate ground.
  • 2 1/2” SQUARE FRAME TUBE: Frame tubing is stronger than angle iron.
  • 4 ADJUSTABLE FRONT GANG ANGLES; 3 ADJUSTABLE REAR GANG ANGLES: Cutting aggressiveness can be adjusted on the front and rear up to 21 degrees.
  • ADJUSTABLE GANG HANDLES: Easy adjustment of gang angles.
  • 3” X 2” GANG TUBE, 1” SQUARE GANG AXLES, HIGH CARBON STEEL: High carbon square axles offer great strength in punishing conditions.
  • 18” NOTCHED OR SMOOTH DISC BLADES: Choose notched blades for more aggressive digging and cutting action, or the smooth blades for light tilling.
  • 3/8” THICK BEARING HANGERS WITH TWO 5/8” U-BOLTS: Heavy-duty hangers resist the high torque from U-bolts and/or keep the discs out of the ground.
  • 1/2” FRAME SIDE PLATES: Offer additional strength and reinforcement to the gang tube.
  • SELF ALIGNING SEALED BEARINGS: Self-aligning bearings offer long life while pounding through hard ground.
  • OPTIONAL SCRAPERS: Scrapers will clean the discs off which can plug up and/or keep the discs out of the ground