Winter Storage Checklist


It’s been a rough year for your lawn. Wet, then dry, with everything in between. This meant heavy grass throughout part of the year and almost non use for the tail end of the summer. As fall continues to roll on through and we head into Winter, it’s time to start thinking about to how to store your unit. Keep in mind, the best and easiest way to get your unit ready for winter is to bring it into us. We’ll go through it with an eagle’s eye and make sure everything is professionally handled. However, if you’re a DIY guy or gal, here is a checklist to make sure your mower is ready for hibernation.

The Checklist:

__ Clean Unit

__ Change Oil

__ Clean Under Mower deck

__ Change Air Filter

__ Change Fuel Filter

__ Check Throttle and Choke Cables

__ Sharpen/Replace Blades

__ Check Idler Pulleys

__ Check Spindle Housings for Corrosion

__ Check Hydro Fluid/Change if Necessary

__ Check Battery and Battery Cables

__ Check Wheel Bearings

__ Check Ignition/ Spark Plugs

__ Check Dampeners on Drive Sticks  

__ Check Belts

__ Check PTO Pulleys

__ Check Gauge Wheels and Bolts

__ Check Tire Pressure

__ Check Deck Level

__ Grease Unit


*As far as gas, we recommend not draining it, but to start your mower up every 30 days or so and letting it run for 20 minutes. Do this on a warmer day, don’t try this on a day that is Zero Degrees!

*It also shouldn’t hurt anything to drain the gas completely if that is your prefered method of storage.

Going through this list won’t guarantee that a mouse won't make a nest in your mower or that some other problem won’t occur, but it is a nice way to make sure you’re ready to mow when springs rolls back around. For filters, blades and other spare parts remember to give Paul a call, he's the best parts man in Putnam County for a reason!  Also, keep in mind that the best way to make sure this all gets done correctly, you can bring your mower into us here at Humphreys and we’ll be happy to make sure your mower is ready for storage. If you’re checking it over and you do find an issue, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can walk you through the repairs or schedule a time to bring it in so we can give our professionals the opportunity to take a look at it.