10 Gift Ideas for a Kubota Owner

The holidays are upon us and that means it’s time to start giving gifts. Rather than give another shirt with some cliché saying on it, this year get the Kubota owner in your family something that they can really use! Here is our list of 10 great gift ideas for the average Kubota owner.

1.     Oil and Filters
These are two of the main things every Kubota owner uses every year no matter what. Just make sure you take the model number to your nearest Kubota dealership and they will hook you up!

2.     Fuel Treatment
This isn’t as sexy as some of the other gifts on the list but its still something that every Kubota owner (in a cold weather climate) needs! Winter Power also fits great in stockings!

3.     Grease/Grease Gun
Every Kubota tractor needs to be greased, this is a no brainer for anyone who owns any equipment. It also wraps easily!

4.     Kubota Hat
When it comes down to it, people always love their Kubota products and love the brand. Why not get them a brand new hat to start off the new year?

5.     Kubota Toys/Models
For the kid in all of us! Kubota has many scale models to choose from as well as toys ranging from Legos to toy pedal tractors. Whether you’re buying for a collector or just a kid at heart, they have an awesome assortment!

6.     Kubota Wheel Spinner
These thing are often over looked but make for a great low budget present. They are also handy as all get out if your Kubota owner has to make a lot of tight turns!

7.     Kubota License Plate
Most people who own a Kubota are proud of it. While Kubota doesn’t make Trucks yet, they do make Truck front license plates to carry the Kubota brand wherever you go!

8.     Touch Up Paint
I don’t know of a single Kubota owner who hasn’t gotten his tractor or mower someplace it shouldn’t have been and caused a ding or a scratch here or there. A little touch up paint can go a long way and isn’t something most people think to do.

9.     Tie Down Straps
First off, just about everyone can use tie down straps; however this is also a great gift for someone who hauls their Kubota from location to location.

10.  Land Pride Quick Hitch
This is by far the most expensive item on this list however it’s also the most useful by far. A Quick Hitch can allow you to, well here just watch the video… 

There you have it 10 easy gifts to purchase for the Kubota owner in your family. Whether they’re on it all the time for a job or just using it around the house, all these gifts will help them finish their jobs in style! If you see something you can’t live without and want us to hold something for you, contact us today