10 Reasons Kubota’s BX Series is the Perfect Sub Compact Tractor

When it comes to the Kubota family of tractors, the BX is the smallest but that doesn’t mean that it’s the least useful. With its relatively high power to size ratio, a robust four-wheel drive, and a multitude of useful options, it’s no wonder why it’s America’s top-selling sub-compact tractor. Here are the top10 reasons why Kubota is the perfect sub compact for your home.

1. Easy to Maintain:

Let’s face it, when you’re looking for a tractor you want to spend your time working with the tractor not on it. Kubota has a reputation for building tractors that are durable and easy to maintain. Whether you’re a grease monkey yourself or want to bring it in to a Servicing Kubota Dealership like us, the maintenance on the Kubota BX series is as easy as it gets.

2. Kubota Diesel Engine:

When you’re talking about the best diesel engines on the market, Kubota’s name will always be at the top of the list. They’ve been making top tier engines for years and nothing has changed. The 3 cylinder liquid cooled diesels in the BX series are no exception. Great power out of a relatively small unit, what more could you want?

3. Great for Mowing:

The BX series has a great mower deck set up. With options for 54”-60” cutting width, the mid pto drive mower can put a very polished finish on any yard. Not to mention, it’s little size makes it very maneuverable around obstacles in your yard.

4. It’s An Extra Hand Around the House:

While they don’t have the biggest loaders in the tractor game, the BX series offers up to around 500lb lift capacity. That can be a huge help if you’re one person trying to move things outside. From mulch to logs, that is 500lbs you’re not carrying.

5. Landscapers Dream:

Trying to style that perfect property? The BX series, especially the BX25D with a standard backhoe, is perfect for developing and caring for the perfect landscape. With the combination front loader and backhoe, you’ll be hard pressed to find a job this little tractor won’t be able to finish.

6. Goodbye Snow:

They’re small but mighty. With a rear or front mounted blade and four wheel drive these little Kubota tractors can dig you out of more snow than you’d expect. You can have your driveway cleared out in a few short minutes, which means winters don’t have to be as big of a hassle.

7. Hello Garden:

Just because they’re small doesn’t mean that you can’t fit a tiller on the back. Land Pride’s RTR 0550 is the perfect size for any green thumb out there. Powerful enough to work through most dirt in Indiana, you’re garden will be producing fresh veggies for your family in no time.

8. Easy to Operate:

The days of the gear drive tractors that take off as soon as you let off the clutch are over. With a great hydrostatic transmission, the Kubota BX series is arguably easier to drive than a car, and the ergonomic intuitive design makes operating the implements a breeze. Even the most inexperienced tractor operator can become a pro with a little practice.

9. Wood Cutters Dream:

Have wood to haul or cut? These little tractors are great for hauling wood from the woods back to your stack. Not to mention they are great for clearing out tree tops after you’ve knocked your tree down or even pulling your tree to better spot to cut once it’s on the ground.

10. Driveway Maintenance:

Anyone who has a gravel driveway knows how hard they can be to maintain, especially in Indiana’s hectic climate. The freeze and thaw and washout of the rain and snowmelt can leave your driveway uneven and even dangerous at times. The Kubota BX Series equipped with a Land Pride Grader Scraper is the perfect tool for maintaining your driveway. (Click here for more information on what makes the Land Pride Grader Scraper)

The BX series is the smallest sub compact tractor that Kubota manufactures. However it is also the top-selling sub compact tractor in America. This is largely do the reliability of the Kubota diesel engine and the overall performance and utility listed above. If you have any questions about the Kubota BX Series or want to test drive one, come in or give us a call today!