7 Must Have Winter Accessories for your Kubota Tractor

If you’re like most Kubota owners, your tractor isn’t going to get the winter off. Come snow, rain, or ice, you’re going to be calling on your tractor all winter to help you get through whatever weather may come. We’ve put together a list of 7 accessories you need in your arsenal to help deal with whatever gets thrown at you this winter.

  1. Fluid: Any time you’re driving on poor road conditions, it’s imperative to have as much traction as possible. Adding weight to your Kubota’s rear end can help give you that traction and make your tractor more stable on uneven ground. Rim guard is the best fluid, it is non corrosive and has a very low freezing point.

  2. Aggressive Tires: The more narrow your tires, the more you’re maximizing the pressure you’re putting on the ground. You want an aggressive tire when you’re pushing snow, in mud or on ice in order to create as much traction as possible. Otherwise, you’re literally just spinning your wheels.

  3. Cab with a Heater: There is no replacement for heat in the wintertime. A Kubota tractor with a factory cab is your best option for handling whatever Mother Nature throws at you. If you have a tractor and you want to put a cab on it, a Curtis cab with a heater can almost always do the trick!

  4. Snow Blade (Rear or Front Mount): Without a doubt, the most effective tool in your arsenal come winter is the snow blade. A lot of people try to make do with just the front end loader but for a relatively small investment you can have the right tool for the job and it will make all the difference and get you back inside where its warm faster!

  5. Salt Spreader: If you’ve already got the tractor, why not let it do the work? With a three-point hitch salt spreader you can spread salt quickly and efficiently, protecting against ice!

  6. Strobe Light: Most Kubota owners want to be out in the thick of it. It’s just who we are. It’s important to keep your own safety in mind when you’re out there digging your family out of the snow. A strobe light will increase the chances of being seen which decreases the chances of an accident when you’re in low visibility situations.

  7. Block Heater: It’s always a must to make sure your tractor is properly warmed up before you tackle your winter projects. A plug in block heater is a fast and efficient way to get your tractor to the working temperature as fast as possible.

Well there you have it, 7 winter accessories you need for you Kubota Tractor. If you have any to add, leave a comment! If you have any questions about anything you’ve read or want to price out one of these accessories come into the shop or give us a call! Stay warm out there!