An Email From a Cricket Customer

Vince and Paula Love their new Cricket!

Still thinking about on the fence about one of our Cricket golf carts, we have the ultimate push. Here is an email sent from one of our newest Cricket customers. **SPOILER ALERT- he and his wife love it!



This thing is awesome! It is exactly what we wanted. We pull a towable RV and wanted a cart that could fit in the short bed without needing to keep the tailgate down. Plus it had to be light enough for our 1500 to handle the weight. 

The Cricket passed both on both accounts! It's small and it's light. But it is no toy. It went faster than many of the "big boys". It was grabbing attention everyplace we went and we struck up conversation about the Cricket with everyone who was interested.

All in all, we made an excellent investment in the Cricket, and made an excellent choice in buying from you.

Thank you for your fabulous customer service and for your excellent product!

Vince and Paula


Well there you have it, straight from a very satisfied customer. Give us a call or come in today to test drive the Cricket Mini Golf Cart.