Face Off: Kubota Standard RTVs Vs. The New X-Series

The Kubota RTV utility vehicle series has been met with rave reviews since they were introduced in 2003. Known primarily for being a workhorse machine, these vehicles have come to surpass most users’. This last year Kubota launched the next generation of this popular line and in this article we’re going to go over the differences between the classic Kubota RTV and the new Kubota RTV X-Series.

Base Kubota RTV Models:

For the purposes of this article, we’re only going to be looking at the diesel RTVs. The RTV 400ci and the RTV 500 are the gas models which haven’t seen much change over the years. The diesel units are more widely know as the work horses of the group.


RTV 900:

This was the basic diesel RTV. With four wheel drive an optional hydraulic dump bed, the RTV 900 was great for local farmers and land owners to get around their property and accomplish whatever the day had to offer.

RTV 1100:

Put basically this was the larger cab Kubota RTV. With a larger engine, frame, and factory installed cab, (with air, heat and a windshield wiper) the RTV 1100 insured that you were traveling in comfort and with exceptional power wherever you went.

RTV 1140:

An open design this was a 4 seat RTV in which the back seat could fold down and provide more cargo room or room enough for an additional row of individuals. Whichever your job called for.

New Kubota RTV X Series Models:

Along with a new wide design, more ground clearance and a more robust front end, the new X Series has brought some changes to the base models released in 2003. They now offer:

Independent Rear Suspension

CV Joint Protectors and Skid Plates

CV Joint Protectors and Skid Plates

Ergonomic Parking Brake

Ergonomic Horizontal Gear Shift 

Digital Meter

Digital Meter

Tilt Steering Wheel

Tilt Steering Wheel

Faster Hydraulic Dump Bed

60:40 Split Seats

Extra Storage

Extra Storage

RTV X900 vs RTV 900:

Here you can see the side by side comparison of the new RTV X900 to the old standard RTV 900- We chose the worksite models of both to provide an accurate comparison

The new Kubota RTV X1120 is hybrid of the X900 and the X1100. As Kubota’s “Sport” Model, the X1120 comes equipped with the X1100’s powerful engine on the X900’s lightweight frame. This makes the X1120 the fastest of the RTV family capable of travelling at speeds of 29 mph. The new sporty look also includes a three point seatbelt, half doors, alloy wheels and blue tinted headlights.


RTV X1100C Vs. RTV 1100:

Here is the side by side comparison of the New X1100C and the older standard RTV 1100 model. It should be noted that both of these models come standard with a factory installed cab with heat and air and wired for a radio. 


At the end of the day, it’s your choice as to which model makes the most sense for your property. If you have interest in purchasing or just have questions about a Kubota RTV stop by or give us a call today!